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After months of hiding, your escape from Mephistopheles’ hellish domain ended as soon as it began. Battered and bruised, you’re thrown back into your cell by the archduke’s minions, in a tower on the outskirts of the seventh circle of hell.

Armed with nothing but your wits, determination and unending hatred for your captors, you resolve to escape, even if it means drowning the whole underworld in the blood of your unholy enemies.

Rise through the hordes of demonic creatures. Ride their blood to the top of the tower. Escape this hell.

WASD to move, click to use the currently selected weapon. Change between weapons with keys 1-5

The spear can be thrown: right click to prepare, and click to throw.

As you mow down the waves of enemies summoned to kill you, the entire tower is flooded in blood. Use the rafts to ascend higher and higher, and escape


Bram - coding
Mart - coding, sound
Shadowhaxz0r - art
Dan - art


LD45_BUILD.rar 86 MB

Install instructions

Just unzip the archive


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Hi there, do you have an email that I can contact you on regarding your game?