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You take the role of Tayne, a space water miner out in the ring system of a distant gas giant. You must locate and bring back wrecks from among the asteroids and derelict stations to sustain Humanity and also to fuel your ship. You can also choose to drain the fuel tanks of the wrecks on location if you don’t have enough to make it back. Just use the component scanner to locate the fuel tanks and suck them dry by attaching your harpoon. Choose carefully how to spend your fuel, disabling Auto Stabilization will save fuel but will make it much more difficult to fly. Crashing into asteroids or wrecks will cause fatal damage and breaking wrecks into pieces will make them less valuable.

Bring back 3 wrecks to the station to win or run out of fuel and perish among the asteroids!


  • RMB Orient Ship
  • 1/2 Arm Harpoon (Left/Right)
  • LMB Fire/Release Harpoon
  • Q/E Roll Ship
  • Z Enable Auto Stabilize (SAS)
  • F Pulse Scan
  • R Component Scanner
  • C Cut Wreck while close


Bram: code
Mart: code
Siim: art
Dan: art
Morr: emotional and spiritual support


H2Go_Taynes_Adventure.rar 205 MB


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Stunning graphics and very well made game! Couldn’t find any other wrecks after the first one for some reason, even though I used the long range scanner. Was impressed to see a wing break off when I crashed!