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Interesting game, although most of the mechanics are kind of pointless when all you really need to do is go to like 4 or 5 towns to recruit all the town folks and then sacrifice them to get enough power to create a portal

i ran into the issue of the inquisition still atacking me inside a stronghold

a really absurb game but i can deny this got some good graphic even though i dont understand the mechanic of the human chasing me

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Hi, nice jam game! :)

A small, but important, note though: inside the downloaded .rar, the data folder is incorrectly named "Ludum43_Data", where it should be "MyLittleCultist_Data".  Running "MyLittleCultist.exe" throws an error. Simply renaming the folder seems to work fine though.
Just thought I'd let you know!


Very strange, thank you very much for letting us know!