A downloadable game for Windows

As captain of a mining expedition, you're tasked to gather the precious fungal Spice. Build, expand and defend your mining facility, but make sure to send your stockpile back to the surface before lurking fungal monsters get drawn to your stash! The more you stockpile, the more aggressive and deadly the enemy becomes!

How to play:
Build with the buttons in the UI, or with the 1-6 keys. 
The game has a linking system: click on a building, then click on the other building you need it linked to.
Mining facilities connect to depots, and depots connect to the rocket! Make sure your resource line is secure!

Psyk - the face of the girl in the intro
Bram - Code, design
Mart - Code
Morr - Concept art, Assets, the splash screen illustration
Dan - Assets, a bit of design


High Quality build 28 MB
Potato PC build 24 MB

Install instructions

Just play!


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I came here from Morr's blog.
Very nice! :D
Is it correct that there is no music / sound?